Tuesday, July 12, 2016

5 Reasons You Should Read Angel Beneath My Wheels

Here at Awesomesauce Book Blog we are excited to be participating in the blog tour for Angel Beneath My Wheels by K.S. Moore. For our stop on the tour we thought we'd mix things up a little bit and share 5 reasons why you should read the book!

1.) It's a contemporary romance -
Perhaps the best reason on this list, if you're a huge fan of the genre like us here at Awesomesauce - this is a great reason to at least take a peek at the blurb. Hey, we'll even paste it below here to make it easy on you!

Beneath his playboy fa├žade, NASCAR driver Luke Brandt yearns for family. Rachel Tate, an inventive, purity-ring-wearing mechanical engineer, wants to prove herself in a male dominated industry. When Luke outbids Rachel on the only muscle cars she could use to test her new vapor-fueled engine, she writes him off, but Luke's gentle ways and country charm eventually win her over.
As Rachel begins to touch Luke s heart, he s haunted by memories of the mother who abandoned him as a boy. But with an intense trust that God will lead her on life s journey, Rachel perseveres, and her innocence and grace breach Luke s defenses. As they join forces to bring her remarkable invention to market, their love and lives are threatened by the iron-tight grip that Big Oil holds over the auto industry. Will Rachel hold on to her values? And will Luke realize his final happiness must come through faith, in the One who has always loved him ... and always will?
 2.) One word(well, sort of) - NASCAR - 
There are some southerners here at Awesomesauce, and us Southerners LOVE our NASCAR. So, it's pretty cool that someone took one of our favorite genres and wrote a book revolving around it. Especially when that book turned out to be extremely well written and researched! 

3.) That Cover, Though! -
Have you seen it? It's adorable and sooo shelf worthy! 

4.) It's a Clean Fiction Novel -

We understand the importance of sharing favorite novels with our young daughters, nieces, and cousins - but in today's day in age it's hard to find books are are suitable for adults but age-appropriate for young teens to read. We LOVED Angel Beneath My Wheels for this very reason.

5.) It's already getting a LOT of love - 

If you can't take our word for it(don't worry, we aren't offended) - take a look at this advanced praise from the experts!

Kathryn Sue Moore's inspiring debut, Angel Beneath My Wheels, is brimming with romance, passion, and heart. With a spunky protagonist who can turn heads and change carburetors how cool is that?! Christian romance readers and NASCAR fans will flock to this charming, uplifting novel. ~ Lori Nelson Spielman, best-selling author of The Life List and Sweet Forgiveness

Angel Beneath My Wheels takes you on an ages old journey of the potential to discover trust and healing. ~ Billy E. Mauldin Jr., President and CEO, Motor Racing Outreach

Having been married for more than 40 years, and having ministered to late-stage cancer patients for more than 10 years, I had thought that perhaps my heart might have lost its ability to be moved and made emotionally vulnerable. Angel Beneath My Wheels reminded me of the sweetness and innocence of first love." My heart was touched by this story and I believe yours will be too. ~ Rev. Dr. Michael Barry, author of A Reason for Hope, A Season for Hope, The Art of Caregiving and The Forgiveness Project
If we've got you convinced this is a must buy, be sure to pick up your copy here or add to your Goodreads TBR list here!

About K.S. Moore:

Kathryn Moore grew up working on cars with her father in Indianapolis, Indiana and now lives in southwest Michigan with her husband and two children. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and a graduate of Purdue University where she studied information technology, engineering and chemistry. When she’s not working, writing or serving in her local youth ministry, she enjoys the outdoors with family and friends.

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